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After finding out there was an audiovisual video that needs to be filmed and reviewed by a peer, I was slightly taken aback and nervous. As a person that does not like to be photographed, filmed, or have anything to do with being on camera, I was quite tense when a classmate filmed my workshop teaching. Despite my discomfort, I acted how I would have normally when giving a presentation, in an attempt to ensure I don’t skew my teaching results.

When I was reviewing my teaching video, I discovered teaching methods in which I did well, and ones where I needed to improve. For example, I liked how I scanned the room when presenting, in a way to engage my learners even without the incorporation of an interactive activity. Something I noticed that needed more work was being more confident in myself during presentations. Ever since I was in elementary school, I had a little bit of a stage fright, and when I get nervous I’d forget all the lines that took me a long time to memorize. Therefore, ever since that experience, I’ve always taken some form of notes during presentations to give myself a confidence boost, a reminder that even if I do forget something important, at least I’ll have my notes there to remind me. In high school and university, many students were doing exactly that during their presentations, so no one ever commented on that might be distracting to the audience and give a lack of confidence feeling. Therefore, I’m glad to be given the experience of watching myself teach learners on a video, to know what it feels like to be an audience member when I rely on my notes. Now knowing this, I will work on my confidence in my presentation skills for the future, primarily by practicing more and remembering key points to cover, and remember that being “good enough” is simply good enough.

As a teacher giving feedback, I found that the peer evaluation of teaching tool to be very effective in picking out the categories I wouldn’t otherwise have recognized. Also, it the tool made me aware of the categories that are important as a learner, to incorporate into my own teachings in the future. For example, a category of presenting the overview of the presentation is something I usually leave out, since to me, as the person giving feedback, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind. When I evaluated my partner’s video, I found that I learned more about the way she taught by completing the tool, picked up on the teaching methods that she did well on, and gave constructive feedback on the categories she can improve on. This in turn, enabled me to self-reflect on how I teach, and whether I use any of the methods that my partner did well. As a teacher and learner, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the process of giving and receiving feedback of an educational moment documented on the audiovisual tape.


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