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Reflecting on all the courses I’ve taken throughout undergrad at McGill and the ones I’ve taken for MPH at U of T, I can gladly say that the INTAPT course was my favorite. I found all the faculty lectures to be extremely knowledgeable in their field, they presented each topic with enthusiasm, and always encouraged discussion and listened to the audience with respect. To continue, the presented material was relevant, well researched, and the material increased my understanding and awareness in what’s going on in the current field. Also, I found that the lecturers made a brilliant effort to include interprofessional values and providing examples that included different professions. These are all wonderful qualities that I will strive for when I teach in the future.

Reflecting on the ePortfolio process is a learning opportunity of its own. I’ve completed self-reflections in the past for nursing courses, however, those were more clinical skills/experiential related, so it was a different process than writing an academic self-reflection for INTAPT. I do feel that the process takes some time, it makes feel more in touch with my inner emotions, and truly reflect on the two intensive weeks of INTAPT classes, and the assignments I’ve done in between. I found that I learned a lot throughout my time with the course – I entered with a brief understanding with some of the learning theories, previous experience with running shorter workshops, and some ideas with what it means to be a good teacher. After a short few months, I emerged on the other side feeling competent and comfortable in running a 4-hour long workshop, understanding how to design educational programs, and fully understanding and knowing how to apply educational theories to future teaching sessions to enhance adults’ learning experience.


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