Teaching Journal

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When I was writing each teaching log, it felt easy and natural for me to do since throughout the entire INTAPT course, there has been so many evaluation forms I practiced filling out and so much feedback given that I felt very competent.

I wrote my teaching logs on some fields that were work related, and some not – it varied from:

  1. INTAPT workshop
  2. Tutoring session
  3. Breastfeeding
  4. Giving a newborn bath
  5. Medication teaching
  6. Shaken Baby Syndrome

Throughout all the teaching log, I did a lot of self-evaluation and self-reflection, and thinking about what went well and what didn’t made me understand what I could have done to have delivered a better teaching session to my students. While filling out the forms, I found that the positive and negative aspects of each session was precursors for consideration of future strategies. The negative aspects of each session were sometimes due to me, and at other times, it was due to outside factors/individuals. Along the same lines, some of the difficulties were preventable if I had been more organized, or if I practiced my teaching material more. However, some of the difficulties were ones I could not have foreseen, and these were ones due to outside factors. Now that I’m writing the self-reflection, I understand if I can redo my teaching sessions over, what factors I would change, and even I know I can’t have another chance teaching the same material to the same people, I know I will carry these newfound knowledge and awareness to future teaching sessions.


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