Tool Chosen

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The tool my team chose to evaluate the workshop participants’ learning outcomes is in the form of a Socrative quiz. I stumbled upon this tool in my Educational Technology for Health Practitioner Education course – the professor, Dr. MacNeil, used this tool in the first day of class to assess our understanding of the different types of online tools we were familiar with. I thought the tool was user friendly, visually appealing, and it had a great concept to take up answers with the entire class. The website was able to generate Excel spreadsheets of each participants’ answers, create pie graphs, and go through the correct answers as an entire class. Therefore, I recommended my group to try out Socrative as our evaluation tool since the site was fun to use and included an interactive component, and everyone happily agreed.

I was slightly taken aback with the results of our evaluation tool. I was shocked at the number of incorrect responses for certain sections/questions. For example, for question #6, I was expecting more participants to be able to get it correct since we spent a lot of time covering that material during the workshop. Therefore, it was eye opening to see what I thought participants were going to retain from our workshop and what they truly remembered. I found this activity to be beneficial since it made me realize that in the future, I should focus on teaching dense content slowly, include visuals, have it on some form of instructional material (handout) so participants can take it home with them, as well as include a summary slide and/or revisit the key ideas throughout the presentation. Overall, the participants learning outcomes were satisfactory for me as one of the facilitators, and I’m glad that this tool was able to allow me to self-reflect about my teaching process and improve for the future.


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